204 S. Mill Beloit KS 67420 US


Customer Raves

Although neither B or Mandy are originally from Beloit, they have definitely made this community their home! Their work with civic organizations, the Beloit school systems, leadership classes and the local regional planning commission have given the owners a wealth of information to open Kettle! They realized by talking with friends and their own experiences, craft beer, wine, coffee and local handmade foods are becoming popular but hard to find. These items were picking up in cities, but why not Beloit?!?! So with the support of their friends, family and community, they opened Kettle and are committed to bringing the best in coffee, wine, beer and eats to Beloit, Kansas!

"Coffee is right there with Starbucks, if not better!! A food menu you won't find in North Central Kansas. Flavors are spot on!! Great job guys!!"-Ryan Makay, Cawker City, KS

"This place is excellent. Good food, good booze, good atmosphere, good people."-Sean Graves, Lyons, KS

"The Kettle is like one of those restaurants you see on the Food Network and dream about visiting someday. Phenomenal food, great service and an amazing environment. We will definitely be back!" -Kayla Hamilton, Glen Elder, KS

"It is one of the best coffee shops I've had the pleasure of visiting"-Rhian Herl, Hays, KS